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Short articles on a variety of subjects, both by me and about my work.


Would Humans Exist if Dinosaurs Were Still Alive?
December 2019, by by Cathy Edwards, on BBC Sounds
A cheerful, popular radio/podcast in which I discuss alternative evolution in a world where dinosaurs did not die out. Also joined by palaeontologists Elsa Panciroli and Darren Naish, palaeobiologist Anjali Goswami, and Professor of Comparative Cognition Nicola Clayton, among others.

Nightmarish Sketches Reveal What Modern Animals Would Look Like If We Drew Them in the Same Way as Dinosaurs Based on Their Skeletons
December 2019, by Milly Vincent, on Daily Mail
Illustrated article on the Mail Online; based on my purposefully-flawed reconstructions of modern animals that highlight the common errors in modern palaeoart.

A Conversation with C.M. Kosemen
September 2019, by Çağla Bölek, on Çamlık Magazine
An interview about my artwork and research books; published on Çamlık, the student-made arts-and-culture magazine of Istanbul's Yeditepe University. A re-formatted version of a previous interview.

To Study the World: A Group Show at Evliyagil Dolapdere
Novemeber 2019, by Matt Hanson, on Daily Sabah
A flattering review of the "Choose One Master - Nature" exhibit which took place at Istanbul's Evliyagil Dolapdere Gallery between September and November 2019, where one of my paintings were also displayed.

In Conversation with Multidisciplinary Artist and Researcher C.M. Kosemen
September 2019, by Çağla Bölek, on Yabangee.com
An interview about my paintings and research work. Featured on Yabangee.com - an online newsletter for expats living in Turkey.

Consider the Pterodactyl: An Interview with C. M. Kosemen
April 2019, by Harrison Cook, on Guesthouse Literary Magazine
An interview with me on Guesthouse, a leading U.S. online magazine. Contains numerous images of my work; as well as my opinions on surreal art and dinosaur reconstructions.

Photographing Istanbul's Charming Painted Signs

March 2019, by Feargus O'Sullivan, on Citylab.com
An article on Istanbul's heritage of hand-painted apartment signs; discussed through my book, The Disappearing City: Hand-Painted Apartment Signs and Architectural Details from 20th-Century Istanbul.

What Space Aliens Look Like
December 2018, by Frederic Friedel, on Medium.com
Article on the ways alien lifeforms are portrayed in films and books, with a distinct mention of Snaiad, my alien world-design project.

CETOBaC - Information Bullettin- Notable Publications
June 2018, by CETOBaC - French Center for Turkish, Ottoman, Balkan and Central Asian Studies
Mention of my recent book,The Disapperaing City: Hand-painted Apartment Signs and Architectural Details from 20th-Century Istanbul, on the June 2018 (#139) bullettin of the French Center for Turkish, Ottoman, Balkan and Central Asian Studies as one of the notable publications of this month.

Speculative Biology: Understanding the Past and Predicting Our Future
May 2018, by Susannah Lydon, on the Guardian
Mention of my 2012 book, All Yesterdays, in an article showcasing Dougal Dixon’s classic volume, After Man (1981), and discussing the legacy of “speculative zoology”.

The Painter and Researcher Returns to His Home City of Ankara
February 2018, by Didem Tali and Fatma Gültekin, on Brownbook Magazine
Artists’ portrait and interview on the special Ankara issue of Brownbook, a Middle-Eastern arts and culture magazine. Contains an interview with me about my memories and formative experiences in Ankara, the city I was born in.

Sanctuary of the Mind: The Evolutionary Imagination of C. M. Kosemen
February 2018, by Matt Hanson, on Daily Sabah
Article on the arts supplement of the English-language Daily Sabah newspaper about my exhibit, Sanctuary, at Istanbul’s Space Debris Gallery. Contains anecdotes from my childhood, artistic process, and general opinions about life.

A Novel Form of Crypsis in Mediodactylus Kotschyi in Antalya, Turkey
December 2017, by C. M. Kosemen, on Sauria
Scientific ‘short note’ article in the German herpetological journal Sauria, outlining hitherto-undocumented camouflaging behaviour on a species of Mediterranean gecko.

Interview with C. M. Kosemen
December 2017, by Szymon Gornicki
Short interview on palaeontology writer Szymon Gornicki’s website, on All Yesterdays; palaeoart; and the portrayal of dinosaurs in movies and documentaries.

INTERLOPER: Personal Impulses, Scientific Curiosity and the Gates of Imagination
September 2017, by Yetkin Nural, on BantMag
Interview with me on my exhibit, INTERLOPER, at Istanbul’s BantMag-Havuz Art Space. Contains scenes from the exhibit, images of new works and commentary on my artistic process. Translated from Turkish original.

The Bad Hair, Incorrect Feathering, and Missing Skin Flaps of Dinosaur Art
September 2017, by Eric Grundhauser, on Atlas Obscura
An interview with me on dinosaurs; the art of their restoration, the errors committed therein and my book on the subject, All Yesterdays. Contains many illustrations.

Education and Outreach: The History of Dinosaur Palaeoart
September 2017, by Szymon Gornicki, on Palaeontology Online
An academic study of the evolution of dinosaurs in art; from lumbering lizards to active, bird-like animals and beyond. My book, All Yesterdays, is also extensively referenced.

The Accidental Dönmeh

August 2017, by Alfredo Garcia, on Inspicio Miami
Article on my artwork, its relation to Judaic symbolism and the personal story behind my book, Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs of the Dönmes. Illustrated with plenty of pictures.

An Enduring Resonance, Turkey’s Jewish Voices

August 2017, by Dayla Rogers, on the Global Literatures in Libraries Initiative
Article showcasing three books on the breadth and diversity of Jewish life in the final years of the Ottoman Empire, includes a review of my book, Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs of the Dönmes.

C. M. Kosemen - Paper Darts

July 2017, by Jessica Eckerstorfer, on Paper Darts
Article on Paper Darts, an American arts, culture and literary magazine, about my work and life, featuring many illustrations.

A Question of Permanence
March 2017, for m-est.org
Article about my long-term plans on how to preserve and safeguard my artistic output in the distant future. Thought exercise written for an online arts publication, showcasing different artists’ “artistic wills.”

Turkey: New Book About the Jewish Cemetery in Bodrum
February 2017, on Jewish Heritage Europe
Article about The Bodrum Jewish Cemetery, the book I co-produced with Siren Bora. Provides a brief introduction for the book, as well as various details and images from the Bodrum Jewish Cemetery.

The Lathe of Memory
December 2016, by Benny Ziffer, on Haaretz
Article about my exhibit, “The Lathe of Memory” on the Arts and Literature supplement of Haaretz newspaper. In Hebrew.

Relations Between Jews and Dönmes in the Late Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic
December 2016, on the Australian Journal of Jewish Studies
An academic article based on my talk in February 2015 at the annual conference of the Australian Association of Jewish Studies. Contains an overview of published accounts, of relations between Jews and Sabbatean “Dönmes” in the Late Ottoman period and the first years of the Turkish Republic.

Tangent Realms Tracks the Ethereal Work of Turkish Artist C. M. Kosemen
August 2016, by Steve Greene, on Indiewire.com and IMDB.com 
Article promoting director Kevin Schreck’s upcoming documentary about my life and work. Contains a basic pitch and commentary about the project.

Filmmaker Kevin Schreck Spotlights the Surreal in ‘Tangent Realms’
August 2016, by Doug Levy, on Pond 5.com
Article about director Kevin Schreck’s upcoming documentary about my life and work, featuring a detailed commentary, a trailer and images of my recent works.

The Dönme, a Fading 350-Year-Old Messianic Sect, Burrows Deeper as Turkey Cracks Down
August 2016, by Nick Ashdown, on Forward.com
Article about the remnants of Turkey’s crypto-Judaic “Dönme” community, with interviews and accounts by enduring members of this group. Includes an interview with me at the decrepit Maçka cemetery in Istanbul, a burial ground of the “Dönmes”.

New Records of Two Lacertid Species and the Occurrence of Anguis fragilis from Ankara Province
July 2016, with Bayram Göçmen, M. Anıl Oguz and Mert Karış, on the Southwestern Journal of Horticulture, Biology and Environment
Herpetological article I helped write and copy-edit, about the observation of three reptile species from Turkey’s Ankara province.

Turkish Jewry’s Secret Medieval Messianics Survive
June 2016, by Nick Ashdown, on The Media Line
Article about the surviving members of the Sabbatean “Dönme” ethnic group in Turkey. Includes information about me, and my book, Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs of the Dönmes. Also mirrored in The Jerusalem Post.

At the Intersection of Science and Fantasy
May 2016, by Jennifer Rieger, on Deutschlandradio Kultur
Article and radio interview on the art of speculative zoology, and its role in predicting contingencies in evolution and possible lifeforms in space, contains a detailed exposition on Snaiad. With Simon Conway Morris, Lewis Dartnell and Dougal Dixon. In German, English transcript available here.

Eduard-Duckesz Prize 2016
January 2016
Bulletin announcing the awarding of the 2016 Eduard-Duckesz Prize, a bi-annual award for outstanding works on Jewish & Sephardic history, Jewish art and cemetery studies, to my book, Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs of the Dönmes. In German.

The Patron’s Experiment
September 2015
English and Turkish-language catalogue of my exhibit, The Patron’s Experiment, held at the Space Debris art space in Istanbul. Features an introduction by art critic Ali Simsek.

Sons of the Messiah, A Meeting With a Sabbatean Descendant
August 2015, by Benny Ziffer, on Haaretz
Article on Israel’s Haaretz newspaper about Sabbatai Sevi and the history of the Sabbateans, as well as my book, Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs of the Dönmes. In Hebrew.

Painting with Deep Dream
August 2015, by Antoine Remise, on Time Out Istanbul
Interview about my artwork collaboration with Roelof Pieters, where we used Google’s DeepDream AI to re-interpret my paintings.

This Artist is Making Haunting Paintings With Google’s Dream Robot
July 2015, by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan, on Gizmodo.com
Popular article on my artistic collaboration with AI expert Roelof Pieters, where we used Google’s DeepDream image-recognition algorithm to enhance my paintings. Contains image galleries.

City of Love, City of Death
March 2015, by Senem Çagla Bilgin
English and Turkish-language interviews about my March 2015 solo exhibit at the Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery in Ankara, Turkey. Also contains visuals of works from the exhibit. Mirrored here on Sanatonline.com.

The Artist and the Secret Jews of Turkey
March 2015, by Dr. Rachael Kahn, on ABC Radio
Article on the ABC Radio website about Sabbatai Sevi and the history of the Sabbatean movement, as well as my book Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs of the Dönmes, and my artwork. Also contains an audio summary of a previous radio interview.

Jews: Secrets of Survival - Interview with C. M. Kosemen on The Spirit of Things
March 2015, by Dr. Rachael Kahn, on ABC Radio
An interview on Australia’s popular radio show The Spirit of Things with Dr. Rachael Kahn, where I discuss my book, Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs of the Dönmes, as well as my artwork. In mp3 format.

Discussing the Dönme with Artist and Researcher C. M. Kosemen - Yabangee.com Interview
January 2015, by Dayla Rogers, on Yabangee.com
Interview on popular expats’ forum Yabangee.com about my book, Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs of the Dönmes, and the research behind it.

The Chimeras of the Subconscious
October 2014, by Antoine Remise, on Time Out Istanbul
Article on the Arts section of the English-language edition of Time Out Istanbul, about my solo exhibit, Unutterable Expressions, held in the Empire Project Gallery of Istanbul, and also my world-building project, Snaiad. Also contains my opinions about art in Turkey, and my place in it. 

Gallery Walkabout: Taksim to Cihangir
September 2014, on Cornucopia Magazine Blog
Article on arts exhibits at Istanbul’s Taksim and Cihangir districts, features images and coverage of my first solo exhibit, Unutterable Expressions.

Unutterable Expressions Familiar to All Humans
September 2014, on the Daily Sabah
Article about the opening of my first solo exhibit, Unutterable Expressions, at the Empire Project Gallery of Istanbul. Contains commentary on my work, and the history of human-animal hybrids in art.

Artist Confronts Fear, Stumbles on Cemetery Photography Treasure
September 2014, by Tobey Trumpeter and Joanne Hill, on The Jewish Tribune
Article on the Canadian Jewish Tribune about the story of my book, Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs of the Dönmes, with a slightly emotional spin.

The Lasting Legacy Of a Mysterious Community: Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs Of the Dönmes

September 2014, by Leyla Aksu, on Bantmag.com
Article and interview about my book, Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs of the Dönmes. Bantmag is a well-recognized arts and culture magazine in Turkey.

For Centuries, This Mystical Jewish Sect Lived Hidden In Plain Sight

September 2014, by Mark Strauss, on io9.com
An article on io9.com about my book, Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs of the Dönmes. Contains an image gallery of pictures from the book, a summary of the history of the Dönme community, and discussion by visiting readers.

The Tombstones of the Dönmes
September 2014, by Gözde Kazaz, on Agos
An interview on Agos, about the story my latest book, Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs of the Dönmes. English translation with facsimile of the original article in Turkish. Agos is a prominent newspaper on minority issues in Turkey.

Cryptozoologicon Could Revolutionize the Field of Monster Studies
June 2014, by Annalee Newitz, on io9.com
A review and sample images from the Cryptozoologicon, my book with John Conway and Darren Naish.

Two Interviews With C. M. Kosemen
May 2014, by Marcelo Garcia
This article is the collection of two interviews conducted with Mr. Marcelo Garcia of the Ciencia Hoje magazine and website in Brazil. The topic of these interviews was our 2012 book All Yesterdays, as well as my opinion of upcoming movies about dinosaurs.

Holding Out Hope for Bigfoot
April 2014, by Russ Dobler, on The Pulp Press
Interview with me and John Conway on the Cryptozoologicon, our book about so-called “cryptids” and their realistic interpretations.

A Survey of the Land Snails of Garipce, Istanbul, Turkey
April 2014, with Aydın Örstan, on Triton
Article on the diversity of snails in a northern suburb of Istanbul. This area is slated for development with the construction of a new bridge and highway. Originally published in Triton, the Israeli journal of snail studies. 

All Yesterdays: Book Review on Fortean Times
February 2013, by Matt Salusbury
A review of All Yesterdays, Unique and Speculative Views of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals, the book I wrote and helped illustrate with friends John Conway and Darren Naish.

The Book That Could Change the Way We See Dinosaurs
December 2012, by Damien Gayle, on The Daily Mail
An illustrated article on the Daily Mail, on All Yesterdays, Unique and Speculative Views of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals, my book on new ways to look at prehistoric life. This article showcases the book’s novel approaches to dinosaur reconstruction. 

A Book That Will Make You Question Everything You Know About Dinosaurs
December 2012, by Annalee Newitz, on io9.com
Io9.com’s article on All Yesterdays, Unique and Speculative Views of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals. A review of the book based with several images, and an insightful discussion in the comments section.

August 2012, by Elif Gul Tirben
An interview with my artwork and my opinions of the Turkish art scene, conducted for an online arts portal.

Land Snails of the Ottoman Fort at Rumelifeneri, Istanbul, Turkey
September 2011, with Aydın Örstan, on Triton
This is a report of a survey of the snail species from a historic location in Istanbul. We collected a very rare species of snail for the second time in Turkey.

Interview with Banane Magazine
January 2011, on Banane Magazine
An early interview on an Istanbul-based arts and culture magazine, where I comment on life, arts and culture in Istanbul. 

Welcome to Snaiad, The World We Will Colonize
March 2010, by Annalee Newitz, on io9.com
Article on io9.com about Snaiad, my world-design project.

Alien Para-Tetrapods of Snaiad
April 2009, by Darren Naish
Short article and discussion about Snaiad, my world-design project. This project will soon be available as an e-book.

Graves and Snails: Biodiversity Conservation in an Old Cemetery in Istanbul, Turkey
March 2009, with Aydın Örstan, on Triton
Article about the diversity of snail species in an old Jewish cemetery in Istanbul. We recovered some rare species, indicating that old cemeteries may act as “islands of diversity” in an urban ecosystem.

Is it Really Us After a Million Years?
October 2008, by Anisia Becerra, on Airone Magazine
Article in Airone, an Italian science magazine, about the fictional future evolution of humanity, with illustrations from All Tomorrows, my amateur attempt at writing a “future history” of the human species. In Italian.

Intelligent Dinosaurs
August 2008, by Darren Naish, on Fortean Times
Zoologist Darren Naish’s article about the possible evolution of intelligence in birds and/or dinosaurs. Features my concept of Avisapiens, a realistic, intelligent “dinosauroid,” that looks more like a bird than a stock-image reptilian. 





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